Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January is the odds-on favorite month for visiting many vacation hot spots

What's the most affordable month for visiting a hot destination?

Travel booker recently pulled together some data on the subject. Here's when, according to their findings, are the best times to visit 15 top markets -- and the percent savings vs. peak season:

Las Vegas (44 percent savings vs. peak season)
London (55 percent)
Rome (99 percent)
San Francisco (88 percent)
Los Angeles (37 percent)
Chicago (67 percent)
Washington, D.C. (58 percent)
San Diego (109 percent)

Paris (64 percent)
New York City (77 percent)

Honolulu (46 percent)

Madrid, Spain (77 percent)
New Orleans (69 percent)

Miami (91 percent)
Orlando, Fla. (40 percent)

Take the percentages with a grain of salt: Savings depends on how savvy you are about where you stay and what you do.

But on the whole, the findings do point out what months great deals are more abundant.

The Associated Press photo at the top of this post, by the way, shows the hands of a player in the poker room at Caesar's Palace, in Vegas.