Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 great backup destinations when your 2015 vacation goes kaput

OK, maybe your dream vacation of 2015 hit a scheduling snag, or came up short when you mentioned it to your travel companion.

Cheapflights.com just came up with a list of  five "Go here, not there" alternatives you may want to consider.

Biloxi, Miss., instead of Las Vegas. The Vegas-like city on the Gulf Coast "boasts eight casino resorts serving up round-the-clock gaming and everything from upscale restaurants to headliner-laced entertainment."

Toronto instead of New York City. Ontario's capital has more than just a stunning skyline:  It "puts up plenty of off-screen allure that allows it to go head to head with New York: a host of cool neighborhoods to explore, a multicultural population, lots of arts and culture."

Buena Park, Calif., instead of Orlando, Fla. The town just southeast of Los Angeles  is home to Knott's Berry Farm, an "entertainment-laden locale serves up more than 165 rides, performances and other attractions, a seasonal 13-acre water park and family-friendly dinner shows. You can even get a touch of Disney magic with a visit to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Snoopy."

St. Lucia instead of Hawaii. "St. Lucia’s rugged coastline, lush, enchanting scenery and romantic vibe mimic many a Hawaiian hot spot."
(St. Lucia's white sand beaches are shown in the MCT photo at the top of this post.)

Ibiza, Spain, instead of Cancun, Mexico. Ibiza "will not disappoint during party season, which lasts from about June to October. Summertime on the Spanish island is sure to be raucous with well-known DJs and music groups filling up the venues."

Bottom line: Always have a backup plan.