Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Survey says: CLT among America's 'hottest' airports

A press release issued in honor of Aug. 17 being "National Aviation Day"  says good-old Charlotte-Douglas International is one of the 10 hottest airports in America.

And we're not talking about  tarmac temperature.

The "Hottest Airports in America" list that has Charlotte as No. 7 was generated by Hot or Not, whose  website home page says, "Find the Hottest people near you, and let them find you too!"

Hot or Not is an android (Google Play) app about sex appeal.

"We surveyed people within a certain radius -- we can target, based on location," said a Hot or Not representative. "Someone within the airport area would probably be voting."

When you "play the game" on your phone, the profile picture of another Hot or Not players nearby pops up on your phone.

And you can vote whether you consider that person "hot" or not.

Hot or Not says it has more than 8 million users in the United State.

The data used in the airport survey, pulled in July, goes back  as far as June 17, when its most recent updated app was launched in the United States.

Here's their list of "Hottest Airports in America":

1.       Denver
2.       Fort Worth, Texas.
3.       Orlando, Fla.
4.       Newark, N.J.
5.       Los Angeles
6.       Las Vegas
7.       Charlotte
8.       Seattle
9.       San Francisco
10.   Minneapolis

If the findings are accurate, what does this say about Charlotte?

Not much, actually. That's because, as a rule of thumb, 80 percent of passengers at CLT are between flights; only 20 percent board or depart here.

If anything, it may speak to the sex appeal of our fly-through guests who are waiting for the next jet to elsewhere.

(P.S. The  CLT concourse photo shown above is by Observer photographer Todd Sumlin.) 


John said...

"Not much, actually. That's because, as a rule of thumb, 80 percent of passengers at CLT are between flights; only 20 percent board or depart here."

Of course, that assumes most of the responses are in the concourse area rather than outside the TSA checkpoints. Those would be people either departing or arriving... oh, and what part of that "80%" doesn't even get off the plane because they are not making connections?

See, stats aren't really that simple!

Anonymous said...

Hard to imagine Meacham being 100th let alone second. Unless, the author thinks DFW is in Fort Worth, which it is not. So much for any kind of credibility of this source.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis is a great airport to have a layover at. Newark? Really?!?

Anonymous said...

On the the basis of the arrivals and pickup area and air conditioning on A and C concourses at Douglas, the facility is still in the 50's….

Unknown said...


The boarding gates at Minneapolis are bars where people are pushed together so close that getting to know the person next to you is more of an affair than a conversation.

Bolyn McClung